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Title / Author(s) Description BRW No.
Trent Bosch Decorative Utility Bowls 47
Beyond the Basic Bowl
Bill Grumbine
Advanced bowl turning techniques, natural edge bowl, square bowl, winged bowl, and coring out a 3-bowl set. 55
Spindles to Bowls
Tips for biginners on turning spindles to bowls 56
Closed End Pens Techniques, types of kits, and tools for making closed end pens 58
Harold Iamibert  Wooden Kaleidoscopes 59
Richard Raffan  Turning Boxes 60
Richard Raffan Basic techniques for spindle, faceplate, and simple bowl turning. Shows use and sharpening of various tools. Teaches by first explaining, and demonstrating a technique and then using it to make a small project. 61
Richard Raffan Intermediate tutorial using small projects to teach techniques for beyond the basics. Projects mallet, small bowl, perfect spheres and beads, long thin spindle, trivet, and hollow form. 62
Reed Gray Bowl Coring with the McNaughton

Shows theory and techniques in using the McNaughton center saver system for coring out multiple nesting bowls from a single blank.

Bill Grumbine Turned Bowls Made Easy

Bowl making for beginners starting with the harvesting of wood, blank preparation, mounting onto lathe, turning outside, hollowing, and finishing.

Richard Raffan The New Turning Wood

Basic tutorial starting with lathes, chucks, tools and sharpening. Teaches centerwork and facework turning techniques and illustrates each with small projects.

Michael Dresdner Wood Finishing Basics

Describes surface preparations, sanding, properties and application methods of various finishing materials.

Del Stubbs Bowl Turning

Explains use and sharpening of different tools for bowl turning. Methods of holding bowls, blank selection, roughing out and finishing techniques. Discusses shape and design and turns several bowls to illustrate techniques. Shows an interesting modification to the lathe for variable speed clutch.

Alan Lacer Projects Along the Woodturning Trail

Several projects which makes use of various tools and techniques by which to improve ones skills

Alan Lacer The Skew Chisel
The Dark Side
The Sweet SideMasterful tutorial for teaching proper use and great versitility of the skew chisel.
Alan Lacer The Son of Skew

Several small projects using only the skew chisel. Great for skill building with the skew.

Mark Duginske Mastering You Bandsaw

Teaches proper set up, maintenance, and safe use of a bandsaw. Discusses blade types and uses. Trouble Shooting help.

Alan Lacer Woodturning
Getting Started RightBeginner’s primer on choosing and preparing wood. Explains use and sharpening of various tools. Shows wood mounting methods and safe turning techniques.
Kip Christensen and Rex Burnignham


Turning Pens
Video I
The Basics and BeyondBasic pen making utilizing the 7mm Slim Line pen kit. Design variations, materials, tools, and techniques.
Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen Turning Pens
Video II
More Pens Plus TricksTipsThe making of European and American Style pens and their variations. Use of wood and non-wood materials and many handy ideas.
Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen Woodturning Projects 1

Projects included: Wall Clock, Spinning Tops, Christmas Ornaments, Green Bowl, Bud Vase, Curly Fries.

Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen Woodturning Projects 2

Projects included: Peppermill, Egg, Hour Glass, Toothpick Holder, Carving Mallet

Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen Woodturning Projects 3

Projects included: Dry Bowl, Tool Handle, Game Call. Fridge Magnet, Bottle Stopper

Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen Woodturning Projects 4

Projects included: Oil Lamp, Desk Lamp, Pizza Cutter, Sphere, Egg Kaleidoscope, Doorstop

Ed Moore Demo at 2008 Virginia Woodturners Symposium

Demo on making sea urchin ornaments

Jim Vogel  Demo at 2008 Virginia Woodturners Symposium 80
Walt Bennet Demo at 2008 Virgina Woodturners Symposium 81
Barbara Dill Demo at 2008 Virgina Woodturners Symposium

Fundamentals for Multi-Axis Spindel turning. Showed some of the different ways to off-set the axis in the lathe and resultant turned shape.

Mike Mahoney Bowl Basics
A Workshop with Mike MahoneyBeginner bowl turning tutorial from harvesting wood, blank preparation, mounting to the lathe, turning the outside, hollowing the inside, sanding, and finishing
Mike Mahoney From the Tree to the Table
Making Bowls and Plates for the KitchenIntermediate tutorial on turning utility bowls and plates for everyday use.
Mike Mahoney Hollow Forms and Urns
A WorkshopIllustrates how to turn thin walled hollow forms with narrow top opennings. Also, how to turn urns (burial) with lidded tops.
Mike Mahoney On the McNaughton Center Saver

Tutorial for intermedate turners on the McNaughton Center Saver System for the coring out of several nesting bowls or vases from an single turning blank. Includes turned and natural edge turnings.

Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney
Two Guys
Two Lathes
Two ApproachesIn a dueling lathe format Batty and Mahoney show their respective approaches and philosophies for turning various projects.
Tim Yoder Woodturning Workshop
Staved VesselsTutorial on how to choose woods, cut them to size and shape of staves to form a turning blank. Simple shopmade jig for holding the staves in proper orientation is used during the gluing process to insure good tight glue joints. Blank is then turned and finished.
Joe Ruminski Beginning Spindles to Bowls

Describes use and shapening of various turning tools. Tutorial on spindle turning, beads, coves and shows projects of a mallet, mini-baseball bat, christmas tree ornament with finial. Also bowl blank preparation and turning including a natural edge bowl.

Joe Ruminski Bowls to Hollowforms

Use and sharpening of the Stewart System hollowing tools. Tutorial on turning hollowforms with three projects: closed rim bowl, false hollowform, and a through the top hollowform.

Steven Russell Woodturning
Volumes. I and II   (CD ROM e-Book Combo Pack)Volume I contains 22 articles and Volume II contains 20 articles. These are well written and illustrated with nearly 1,000 pictures. Covers a wide range of turning subjects, technics, materials, tools, sharpening, finishing (materials and techniqes) and many projects.
Steven Russell Woodturning
Volume II
Turning Elegant PensShows in great detail entire pen making process using wood, stablized burls, and acrylic blanks. Various finishing technics including CA finishing.
Steven Russell Woodturning
Volume III
Bowl Turning: Step by Step (2 DVD set)Illustrates how to select and prepare bowl blanks from a log. Shows how to rough out bowls, dry them, finish turn, sand, and finish. Many useful extra tips, including tool sharpening.
Steven Russell Woodturning
Volume IV
Turning Elegant Bottle Stoppers (2 DVD set)Extremely detailed techniques for turning bottle stoppers including acrlics with inserted gem stones.
Jimmy Clewes Back to Basics

Primer on health and safety, lathes, chucks, tool types and their uses,sharpening, abrasives, and finishes. Illuserates the above by making a candlestick, a pen, and a small bowl.

Jimmy Clewes Turn It On
Volume 1Bowl and box making and the various types of cuts with the bowl gouge. Projects of an open bowl and an interior gilded oriental style lided box. Also a tutorial on the bevel angles and sharpening techniques for bowl gouges. Realities in the life of a professioal turner.
Jimmy Clewes Turn It On
Volume 2Shows fine tool control in two projects a bowl with brass inlay and a long stem gobblet. Also show how to convert a tree into turning blanks and a 2,000 year old box.
Jimmy Clewes Turn It On
Volume 3Further illustrates fine tool control techniques through two Projects: Arabic-style lidded box using a glued-up segmented blank. Extras: How to fit the lid for a box, and behind the scenes in shooting this DVD.
Jimmy Clewes Turning the World
Volume 1
Jimmy goes to NorwayShows two projects: Turning of a spoon, and turning a Norwegian Beer Bowl. Extras: Hand painting of the Beer Bowl and testing it with good Norwegian beer.
Jimmy Clewes Turning the World
Volume 2
Jimmy goes to ScotlandShows two projects: Turning of a Celtic Shield with decorative metal leafing, and the turning of a Scotish Spurdle (cooking stirrer). Extra: Making a bowl on a foot-operated pole lathe.
Jimmy Clewes Turning the World
Volume 3
Jimmy goes to Las VegasTwo featured projects: Turning a bangle (bracelet) with silver accents, the turning of a Anasasi Native American style closed bowl with turquoise inlay. Extra: Turquoise expert at a Native American Gallery.
Jimmy Clewes Turn It Up
Volume 1Two featured projects: A carved and colored form which shows how to carve, apply analine dyes, and silver leaf. Also turns and shapes a thin walled hat where tool technique is critical. Extras include how to mix powdered and liquid analine dyes to achieve desired colors, and a tour of a automated commerical spindle turning factory.
Jimmy Clewes Turn It Up
Volume 2Features two projects: A natural edge bowl and a lidded box with an insert in the lid which has chatter work and is colored. Extra feature is a visit to a German Exotic Wood dealer.
Jimmy Clewes Turn It Up
Volume 3Two Projects: A double natural edge platter/bowl showing novel tool techniques, and a multi off-center sculpture. Extras: metal spinning of silver, turning a golf tee, and humorus out-takes.
Jimmy Clewes Turnaround

Spindle turning techniques from rounding the blank to making beads, coves, and a captive ring. Other projects are: end-grain turned vase, platter with coloring, and an oyster box. Special segment on the sharpening of the basic seven turning tools.

Barry Gross Pen Turning 106
Wood Workers Journal Lathe Turning Essentials 107
Wood Workers Journal Bandsaw Techniques 108
Wood Workers Journal Weekend Projects 109
Lyle Jamison Hollow Forms 110
Lyle Jamison 2 DVD set Bowl Basics The easy Way 111
Brian McElvoy Secrets to Woodburning 112
Trent Bosch Vessels of Illusion 113
Ron Brown Wood Turning Festival 114
David Ellsworth 115
David Ellsworth Tools for Hollow Turning 116
David Ellsworth Open Bowls 117
David Ellsworth Tips for Turners 118
Alan Lacer Shop Made Tools and Jigs 119
Robert Rosand Scrapwood Projects 120
Penn State Industries Handcrafted Pens 121
Rex Burningham/Kip Christensen Vol. 5-Christmas Ornaments 122
Rex Burningham/Kip Christensen Vol. 6-Christmas Ornaments 123
David Ellsworth Signature Gouges 124
Binh Pho Thin Wall Turning 125
Mike Jackofsky Hollow Vessels-2 Discs 126
Glenn Lucas Mastering Woodturning 127
Glenn Lucas Bowl Turning Techniques 128
Mike Mahoney Heirlooms 129
Trent Bosch 132
JoHannes Michelsen Wood Hats 133
Sue Walters  Pyrography Work Shop 2 DVD Set 134
Ray Key Turned Boxes 136
Cindy Drozila Elegant Finials 137
Curt Theobald Segmented Patterns 138
Jimmy Clewes Natural Vase 139
Jimmy Clewes Square Oriental Box 140
Brian Noble-Marx Ovoid Forms 141
Dennis White Twist & Advanced Turning 142
Ernie Conover Turning For Furniture 143
John Jordan Aesthetics & Properties Of Wood 144
Keith Rowley A Foundation Course 145
 Ted Sokolowski  Metal Inlay Techniques 146
 Charles Neil  Furniture Turning volume one 2 disc set 147
 Charles Neil  Furniture Turning volume two 2 disc set 148
 David Marks  Gilding and Chemical Patination 149
 Glen Lucas Mastering Sharpening Techniques 150
Nick Cook Turning for Food 151
 Nick Cook  Turning for Fun 152
 Ashley Harwood Sea Urchin Ornaments 153
 Ted Sokolowski Making a Pepper Mill 154